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heerebees rups the end of our project details on the wall ice bal 30 cm dm head end side wall ceiling texture feetwall bed balls enter enter 2 edith in the bubbles wilfred ceiling wall snow and ice bubbles ceiling side bubbles forniture (ice ball table and chairs) us The moonball 70 cm dm bubblesuite and the bed willyvis bubleisious wsphere1 wsphere2 wsphere4 wsphere3 romy mokkenstorm voorhoud 2 romy mokkenstorm voorhoud henkjan en wilfred Outside Outside Inside 2 Inside 1 Hamam 1 Hamam 2 Annemarie's snowman P12-01-10_12.44 P12-01-10_12.36[03] P12-01-10_13.02[01] P12-01-10_13.01 P12-01-10_12.37 P12-01-10_13.05 Handtekening_Sand_Shapers_willyspheres willy cool tool P26-02-09_18.54 joris zandbollen

About stijgerart

Wilfred Stijger is a multi talented artist from The Netherlands who works in 3D with different materials like: sand, ice and snow, wood and different synthetic materials.