Willy Spheres sand snow carving tools


Buckets and shovels are fun to play with when you are four or five but sooner or later they become a little boring. Now you can rejuvenate your appetite for fun with Willyspheres! These sand and snow sculpture tools can quickly create perfect spheres. Why labour for hours with inferior sand carving tools when you can create the perfect sphere in a matter of minutes? (see this on YouTube ) Because Willyspheres come in set of four sizes (20, 30, 40, and 50 cm).you can you build several size spheres combining them to generate striking compositions! Let your imagination run wild and allow Willyspheres transform you into a kid again! Stop working and start playing…

The set contains 4 discs:

  • 1 green disc: Diameter 10.5 cm to 50cm sphere
  • 1 pink disc: Diameter 9.5cm to 40cm sphere
  • 1 blue disc: Diameter 9cm to 30cm sphere
  • 1 orange disc: 8cm diameter for a sphere of 20cm

Set of four
Fun at the beach
Fun for all ages
Create infinite variations...
Become a child again...
Get crazy!
The only limit is your imagination...
They work with snow...
Wilfred becomes famous
Edith Van de Wetering loves them!
Large or small spheres
Play all day!
Very easy to use

Willysheres sand sculpting tools

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